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PORTBLAIR :- 1- Cellular jail -A visit to British constructed Cellular Jail shows us the sombre side of Andaman. It draws out the history buffs in us by taking us back in time! 2-Corbyn's cove beach -The beach is more nearer to the city , Port Blair. There are alot of arrangements for the visitors like hotels and restaurants where they could chill by the beach and have some really good food( both vegetarian and non vegetarian) . Also , most of the water sports activities are available here. 3-Rajivi Gandhi water sports complex - Located at the Marina park road , Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex gives you a chance to experience the best water sports activities. Activities from Snorkelling to scuba diving.. name it and you have it . 4-Ross island -An island with deserted colonial buildings being taken over by flora and fauna. The sight of burly roots enveloping the now skeletal buildings humbles us. Witness nature taking back it’s rightful throne! 5-North bay -Turn over a 20 rupee note to get a quick glimpse of North Bay island! As one of the best spots in Andaman for water sports and underwater activities, North Bay guarantees a fun time! 6-Viper island harbour cruise -Viper island as been known for its historical importance. The harbour cruise gives our guests to experience the city in and out . The must watch and the must experience cruise is the harbour cruise which you will find in the viper island . 7-Fisheries museum (aquarium) -Also located in Port Blair, this Museum preserves and showcases the diverse marine life of the archipelago. Prepare for an information blast as you walk through this popular destination. 8-Anthropological museum -The museum located in Port Blair helps us know better the natives of the islands and their way of life. For all the bookworms out there, the museum has a wonderful library! 9- Naval marine museum(samudrika) -The samudrika navel museum is run by the navy and it's main aim is to spread awareness on the environment of the ocean and it's marine life . 10-Zoological survey of India museum -The museum is the most intensively maintained museum that has a wide collection of different kinds of marine creatures like the specimens of wildlife and exotic marine creatures like the corals , whales , starfish and also skeletons and fossils in some cases . 11-Chatham saw mill -Established in 1883 and still functioning, the history of Chatham Saw Mill is powerful. The mill has an interesting museum and other sites like the Bomb Pit and Pillar of the Planet. 12-Forest museum -The forest museum is the largest saw mill , it's an educational museum that tells us about the forest industry and has some amazing sodden art work for sale . 13-Science center -The Science Centre makes learning fun with a plethora of knowledge, simple experiments, creative slides, swings and more! It is sure to bring out everyone’s inner child. 14-Sagrika emporium( the cottage industries) -The Emporium is run by the Andaman government. If you want to get onto some really good shopping of some antiques , this is the best place . The Emporium has things like Sea Shell products, wooden show pieces, various ornaments made by Pearls and locally grown spices. 15-Joggers park - A honeymoon couple or just an individual who wants to relax .. The joggers park serves as the most relaxing location at Andaman and Nicobar islands . It is a mixture of an amazing scenic beauty , A city lit view and the lit aiport runaway . This beauty is worth watching. 16- Gandhi park -The Dilthaman tank in the park was once the lone source of drinking water in Andaman. at the centre of the park is a really huge man made statue of mahatma Gandhi and around the statue are remains of some more historical symbols such as bunkers and a Japanese temple . Amusement park and a lake where visitors go boating is also one of the places that is a part of the park . 17-Jolly bouy / Red skin island -Jolly bouy is a part of mahatma Gandhi marine park is well known for its beauty and prestine clear water . Res skin island is known for its coral , amazing beach view and sandy beaches . * the jollybouy island and the red skin island are seasonally open. 18-Wandoor beach - The wandoor beach is arounf 25kms away from the city of portblair .. The beach is known for its colourful corals and is ideal for swimming as well . 19-Chidiya tapu -Known for its picturesque sunsets, Chidiya Tapu is paradise for bird watchers! The trek to Munda Pahad Mountain defines adventure in Andaman. Did you know that we can go pearl hunting here 20-Mount harriet national park -The national park is the highest peak of the Andaman and Nicobar islands . The national park has alot of different species like Andaman treepie, Andaman woodpecker, Andaman cobra , 2 nesting marine turtles , robber crab, and wild pigs . HAVELOCK ISLAND - Experience life at a slow pace and gorgeous sunsets from Havelock’s beautiful beaches, backed by a canopy of trees. Elephant Beach, vijaynagar beach , Radhanagar Beach and Kalapathar Beach are the must-see destinations here! NEIL ISLAND - Colourful corals, clear waters and clean beaches of Neil Island reminds us of Andaman’s lure over unsuspecting souls. Ramnagar beach and Sitapur beach are wonderful for water activities. The names of these beaches are given after our mythological beings namely bharatpur beach ,laxmanpur beach and sitapur beach. BARATANG ISLAND - A gateway to North & Middle Andaman District, Baratang is filled with natural wonders like the mud volcano, limestone caves and mangrove creeks. The uninhabited parrot island truly makes us feel one with nature! The limestone cave and mud volcano are the most looked forward locations. RANGAT - A large island in Middle Andaman and a summary of nature’s beauty, Rangat has beautiful mangroves, waterfalls, hills and beaches! The walk to Dhani Nallah Beach is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The most famous locations in the Rangat island are Aamkung beach,dhaninalah, morice dera beach ,yerrata mangrove park and cutbert bay beach. MAYABUNDER - Mayabunder also spelt as Mayabandar is situated 242 kms away from portblair . Among the sightseeing places at mayabunder are Karmatang Beach, Interview Island, Rampur Beach and Avis Island. The katmantang beach is also a nesting ground for turtles . The avis beach is known for its coconut plantation. The rampur beach is known for its pristine clear water along with the mangroves surrounded arounf the island. DIGLIPUR - Home to some of the largest sea turtles and a sundry of unique wildlife, Diglipur’s pristine beaches never fail to amaze us! We love trekking through the limestone caves and believe you will too! Following are the islands and destinations that are worth watching and experiencing at diglipur ...rose and Smith island,saddle peak ,kalipur beach ,lamiya bay beach,ramnagar beach ,alferd cave And mud volcanoes at Shyam Nagar.

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